Most Wanted

 Elusive People

Grampa Gallson with unknow people

Who are these three people that Grampa is with? Grampa is the man on the left. Picture was taken in Toronto.
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Who is his father?

Grampa was a little boy when his mother, Leah, moved in with Philander Smith. The true identify of Adoniram's father is a mystery.
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Mom in Toronto

Mom has written on this picture that they worked parttime and seems to indicate that they worked parttime for the Harris Dairy. She's never mention this.
Susan Shepherd's sister

The story I heard is that Susan's sister looked after the children of the Duke of Rutland. The story goes is that she was so grateful to her that he left her a sizable sum in his will, which she never collected on. Many years ago I wrote to someone (can't remember who) and asked them to check their records to see if they showed her a part of the staff of the Duke of Rutland at that time. They had no record. Barton A. R. Jones - Duke of Rutland: Wendy has related (part of) a story that most CREW Family researchers come across from time to time. As far as I am concerned, there is little credible information to support this story which seems to be promulgated by some Canadian descendants. The most logical information I have seen comes from Sandra Tongeman who has seen the Duke of Rutland's will. No mention was made of Susan's sister in the will. It could be that Susan's sister was the housekeeper at the Duke's London residence and not at the Duke's Rutland residence. This makes sense as it was said that Mary visited a family member "arriving in the Duke's Coach" - perhaps this was a coach that was based at the London house. As Rutland was many. many miles from London (perhaps as much as 2 days drive), it is very likely that the Duke had a domestic set-up in London for his visits there.
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 Mystery Photos

Harry Berman with unknown woman

This is Harry Berman - with an unknown woman
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Unknown woman

This came from a collection of photos from Harry Grossman, so likely from the Grossman side. Could be in the Grossman or Grosswasser family or Kapelmeister family.
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Nathan Berman with unknown man

Likely a business associate of Nathan's. Could be from Toronto or from Leeds, England.
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